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My photography seeks to explore the relationship between people and place. Street photography is my main focus, but I also enjoy travel, portrait, architecture, landscape and abstract photography.

I am currently using a Nikon D3300 with a 35mm as my favourite lens, but I do sometimes experiment with film and alternative cameras.


Will is a self-taught photographer with a background in Music & Design. Growing up in Gloucestershire, Will enjoyed exploring the British countryside. But ultimately, he was drawn to the city...

After graduating from Falmouth University with a BA in Music Technology, Will moved to Bristol and took up photography as a way of exploring this vibrant and eclectic place. He became interested in the effects urban spaces have on the people that utilise it. Will also worked on some Graphic/Web Design projects, allowing him to learn about things like visual composition, colour theory and digital workflow.

Then in September 2018 he left the UK to begin a multi-year-long expedition around the world. He started to develop his photography while exploring ideas surrounding Identity, culture, and interactions between people and place.

In July 2019, Will undertook a Street Photography Workshop in Hong Kong with Professional Photographer Michael Kistler.

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